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Fast or 21 Days of prayer

3 elements of our 21 days!

21 days of prayer

In many ways, prayer is like a muscle: if you don't use it, it grows weak. On the flip side, just because you use a muscle, does not mean it's strong.

Prayer might be something that we, as followers of Jesus, are doing. We might even be doing it regularly. But is it strong? Have we trained it? Have we given it consistent time and energy as something that we know is of great value? These are all questions that we need to ask ourselves.

This is why 21 Days of Prayer is happening. It is to help us train our hearts and our minds to PRAY.  1 minute, 5 minutes, an hour; the length of time doesn't matter - PRAY. In the morning, evening, all day long - PRAY. Maybe you feel like you don't have the words you want, pray in the Spirit, sit silently before the Lord, yes - just PRAY.

3 day fast

We are going to be kicking off our 21 Days of Prayer with a 3-Day Fast. Antioch Norman, as a part of the Antioch Movement has the opportunity to partner on these 3 days with our international ministries. So, this is a world-wide fast where we will be praying with Antioch Missionaries all over the globe. What a great opportunity!

This fast is optional, but, before you ask IF you should fast, would you start by asking God HOW he would have you fast? We have included a Fasting Guide to help you think/pray through what it could look like. Take a look at and/or download the guide below and let's see what God might say to you! 

worship night

As our 3-Day Fast comes to a close, we will be having an hour of worship together.  This is an informal time, led by our Youth Pastor, Zac Miller, where we will be seeking the Lord together. Our souls hunger just like our bodies. This is a time to feed our souls.

So, regardless of whether you joined us for the fast, or are able to join in on the 21 days of prayer, set aside an hour to come worship. Head to the Upcoming page and save the event to your calendar! See you there! 


Monday - Wednesday :  6:30-7:30 AM
Monday - Wednesday: 12:00-1:00 PM
Monday & Tuesday: 9:00-10:00 PM

Other resources

the practice of the presence of god

By brother Lawrence

This simple, yet profound teaching will empower you to seek the joy of God's presence in the midst of every moment and circumstance.

with christ in the school of prayer

By Rev. andrew murray

Using Jesus' teaching on prayer as a model, Murray begins at the elementary level and leads you step by step through 31 lessons to the heights of faith-empowered prayer.

Nations Prayer

App and website

Do you want to make a difference in the harvest? Download the Nations Prayer App or go to the website to get weekly updates and prayer requests for the nations!