Discovery bible studies.

What is a Discovery Bible study?

A Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a discipleship study that will help you to read the Bible and discover what it has to say to you. Simple, memorable questions will help you understand the character of God, receive encouragement to obey what you are learning and help you to share it with others.
Discovery Bible Studies work best in small groups of between four and eight people - preferably people who already know each other, but they can easily be done by yourself.  The Discovery Bible Study Method is a highly effective discipleship tool.

how does it work?

So what is so good about DBS and why does it work?
  • DBS works because it is so simple. The structure is easy to teach, easy to remember and easy to replicate. That means that anyone can run a DBS with anybody, anywhere.
  • Despite their simplicity, the Discovery Bible Study questions are very powerful and people often come up with profound discoveries from the stories
  • The last two questions teach people from the start of the need to obey God's word, and the need to share it with others. Disciples who obey God's word and share it are more likely to make disciples of others.

Weekly DBS.

These posts will happen in conjunction with Sunday messages and can be used following Sunday mornings or any time during the week! Head over to the Sundays page to stay caught up with us!