GO - Seeds of the Kingdom | Chauncey Shillow - 8.4.19

"When a seed is sown into a field, and it accepts it, it is agreeing to a life of COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION!"

Chauncey Shillow was our very special guest this past weekend and what an incredibly timely word he has as we continue our GO Series.

Chauncey and his wife Morgan live in South Oklahoma City with their two-year-old son Joshua. Chauncey is an associate pastor with Christ Community Church, a local church working to bring the Gospel of Jesus to their neighbors in South OKC, throughout the metro, and to the ends of the earth. A shepherd and teacher at heart, Chauncey loves to engage individuals and families from every culture with the hospitality of God.

You'll be challenged and encouraged to look at the spaces and places in your life where God has "sown" you as greater opportunities than you may have ever realized!