Every person is created to have a loving, intimate friendship with God that is not centered around religious duties but around an unconditional relationship. This relationship is the source of all goodness, peace, joy, love, and our true identity. This is what gives us our sense of purpose in this life. We were created in God’s image to show others what He is really like. We were also created to live life with each other. By sharing the love and life God has given us, we are able to build a church where people can laugh and cry together, share their dreams, and overcome their hurts and fears. As we take this radical love to our families, friends, classmates, and co-workers, we will see our culture transformed. The world is longing for this type of community. As we become the people God has called us to be, we will change the world.

our values




Above all, we are a church that carries a deep value for the presence of God. This motivates our daily worship and prayer as we contend for more of His power in our lives.
We believe that every member of the body of Christ is called to see the Kingdom of God advanced in the world by proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel.
We desire to place value on every person by celebrating who they are in Christ without stumbling over who they are not.


We believe that every person was created to walk in authentic and life-giving community where they are known, loved and challenged in their daily walk with Jesus.


We are committed to living in the freedom that Jesus paid for by understanding our spiritual identity and walking in the truth of who He has called us to be.


We are committed to walking in excellence in our daily lives by being our best in word and deed, and becoming better tomorrow than we are today.