sundays at antioch

plans may change but our vision does not

Things at Antioch are looking a little different these days! If you've been keeping up with our COVID-19 updates throughout the past couple weeks, you will already know that we are not meeting in our building on Sunday mornings for, what is now, an undetermined amount of time. That being said, we are working diligently to make sure that you can stay connected with your family, our church body and those around you!

THIS PAGE is for that purpose. Each week we will be posting 1) Our weekly Sermon with some announcements/updates at the front of each one, 2) A weekly Discovery Bible Study that will help you connect with those around you and with God as you chew on the sermon content for that day, and 3) an engaging section for Antioch Kids for all of our families in the house!

We are praying for you as we continue our "social distancing" and grow closer together in our vision! Bless you this morning as you listen to and respond to Holy Spirit wherever you are and whoever you are with! 

Sunday | june 7

we. are. ready.

The Bible shows us that God already has the answers for us, for all of our situations. God is present! He has impacted all of HISTORY!

Today's message is an invitation to understand how our character behind the scenes meets the conflict in our world and then manifests the destiny of God in us. Clarence teaches us how God is always preparing the answers for us before we even ask through the story in Exodus of Moses. God was preparing Moses to be the deliverer 80 years before the children of Israel even prayed to be delivered! Get ready to be challenged to look for God's glory in your own life and in those around you!


we would love to hear how god is working in your life! As god does amazing things each week, be sure to share what he has been up to so that we can release it over our church family!