Wherever life has us, let's do it together.

Young Adults, the millennials, are in that pivotal age range from their early 20s to mid-30s when so many life-defining decisions are made. From starting a career or continuing a current one, to dating or marriage, we walk with one another wherever life has us. We are consistently challenging one another to go deeper in our relationship with Christ and with each other, because we believe this propels Young Adults into their world-changing destiny.  We believe being in community together is one of the most important things for Young Adults as they tackle many of the tough transitions of this season of life. This happens weekly throughout the Norman/Oklahoma City area through our Lifegroups. We also have frequent community nights with all of the Young Adults across our church for fun and fellowship. 

young adults


Community night is a young adult get-together that happens every six weeks. It is a place to connect with other young adults and worship, hear Biblical teaching, and have a ton of fun. In addition, the Young Adults ministry regularly serves in the community and takes mission trips around the world. We truly believe in doing life together!