SOZO at antioch

what is sozo?

stacy smith | director of sozo ministry

Sozo is a word meaning, "Saved, Healed, Delivered". The goal of Sozo is to help people receive the whole package of salvation, deliverance, and healing. Our aim is to love people and to provide information so that the healing of past wounds can break strongholds, replace lies with truth, and close "doors" to the enemy.
Sozo is not a counseling session, but a time of interaction with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit via your Sozo team. Most sessions last approximately 2 hours, but we ask that you allow 3 hours in your day for the appointment.

what can i expect before and during a sozo session?

Besides encountering Jesus, you can expect the following:
• Open communication throughout the scheduling process
• A safe environment for ministry. This is your time! You are free to stop the session at any time or decline to answer any question. A trained SOZO facilitator will help lead you through encounters with the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to determine areas of lies or disconnections that may be present in your life. All tools are Biblically based in Scripture, and include things like forgiveness and repentance for any lies believed.
• Your SOZO facilitator(s) will only show you love and respect during your time together.
• Confidentiality before, during, and after the SOZO session, although we encourage you to share your testimony and experience with others as you want!

what can i expect after a sozo session?

After your session, you will be given post-prayer instructions and suggestions on how to maintain your freedom and continue your journey to deeper intimacy with God.  SOZO facilitators may also provide suggestions for “next steps”, such as available support groups, or a a referral list for local licensed Christian Counselors.

What Is a sozo mini session?

As face-to-face sessions are not always possible during this time, Antioch Norman is offering Sozo “mini” sessions online to enable individuals to have 45 minutes of prayer ministry with trained Facilitators from our Sozo Team. Please click the link below and our Sozo Team will be in contact with you about the next steps for your session!